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The managed service provider advantage

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The benefits of partnering with a reliable MSP give your business room to bloom and grow.

Businessman selecting managed IT services.

Not so long ago, small businesses could get by with a few desktop computers and a printer. But information technology continues to become more complex and integrated with every aspect of day-to-day operations. Keeping up with the evolving world of data management, connectivity and security in-house is a challenge few business owners, managers or employees can adequately handle. Staffing a full-time IT professional with a salary, benefits and time off can be prohibitively expensive and still often inadequate to managing every intricacy of a network.

From break-fix to full service

Outsourced IT has come a long way. A decade and more ago, business owners and home users handled computer trouble the same way: lugging their tower to a technician when something went wrong and waiting for them to tease out and repair the problem.

The break-fix model is as outdated as that old cream-colored Gateway system yellowing in a corner of your storage closet. Minimizing down-time is critical to the success of any organization. Every minute you and your employees can't focus on the business of running your business sends your profits down a drain of lost productivity. Waiting until something stops working then calling in the cavalry, who might not be able to come riding to your rescue as soon as you need them, is neither cost-effective nor good for employee morale.

What managed service providers bring to the table is full-service, stem-to-stern IT management. MSPs treat your systems, networks and IT assets as a single organism with many aspects that all have integral roles to play in keeping you up and running smoothly. It's a proactive approach that aims prevent problems before they happen-and when they do, to resolve them with minimal impact to your operations and your bottom line.

MSP benefit breakdown

Partnering with a managed service provider can streamline your business and enable you to grow thanks to benefits like

  1. Streamlined and reliable IT operations through 24/7/365 network and security monitoring. Discovering and solving problems before they impact your organization negatively increases up-time and keeps your data safe, secure and accessible.

  2. Boosted profits arise from cost savings and better budgeting through predictable monthly spending, minimized downtime, and reduced operating costs.

  3. Freeing up dedicated internal resources allows the focus to be on running your business rather than sweating the technology.

  4. Enhanced cybersecurity thanks to a top-notch IT team at your beck and call, experts who implement cutting-edge tools and technologies and adhere to IT best practices. MSPs deliver the same enterprise-level IT management that Fortune 500 companies enjoy.

  5. Regulatory compliance. Your MSP handles the complicated technology side of regulations like HIPAA, protecting the privacy of your clients and shielding you from costly non-compliance fines.

  6. Disaster recovery. Take the worry out of the “what if” of natural and man-made disasters with a trusted MSP partner. They are planning how to recover from the worst behind the scenes.

Managed services are the most sensible IT model for many small businesses. With a trusted MSP partner keeping things humming behind the scenes, you can concentrate on building your organization's productivity, resilience, and bottom line.


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