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The perfect choice  
"It can be very frustrating not to have a network administrator within your company, but for many businesses this is the case. Our experience outsourcing with ELBO has been completely positive. Every time we have called, a technician has answered the phone and made himself available quickly. Of course, anytime we call it is for an emergency, so quick response time in addition to the ability to provide solutions has made ELBO the perfect choice for our business. We would be lost without them!"
Ramkota Hotel

Friendly & knowledgeable  
"Our experience with Elbo Computing Resources has been great. I was referred to them when we needed to update our [company's] software package...I had no experience with such vendors and felt illiterate when it came to making these revisions...The people at Elbo Computing Resources are very friendly and knowledgeable. They were flexible to my schedule and...reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Elbo Computing Resources for business or personal computer needs."
Elite Electric
Brandon, SD

Rapid solutions
"It seems hardware and software problems always occur at the wrong time. ELBO Computing Resources always unmatched level of service in terms of being cost-effective and finding a rapid solution any time of day. They are truly a 'throw-back' in terms of personal, friendly service by a small business."
Darrin Smith,
Former Sioux Falls
City Council Member

1 Courteous & timely
“I no longer waste time attempting to solve computer problems. Whether it’s installing a new application, discovering how to make an old program do new tricks, or working through hardware issues, the staff at Elbo Computing Resources provides courteous, timely, competent service.“
Beth Davis
Dakota Resources
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ph. 605.361.3720
fax 605.367.1198

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Sioux Falls, SD

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